NPC Technology:

NPC Technology will provide the sole EPA Approved method for disposing of fracking waste, drill cuttings and oil based mud and Frac sand from the well bore. This waste is generated by every firm engaged in shale play exploration, creating intense demand for our services, in an atmosphere void of competition. With our patented technology, we can now remove the potentially harmful chemicals from frac sand and create a clean reusable product. Our ability to release Oil and Gas Companies from the liabilities associated with dumping or disposing of their excess frac sand, will prove to be a major factor in our success. Our goal is to protect both the environment as well as the companies plagued with this issue. Our first site is expected to be in production by mid-September in Central Oklahoma. With our sites being located next to local water disposal sites, companies will save time and money by bringing their slurry/dry waste to NPC.

Process and Diagrams